I am so happy and feel very protected with Pro Tech Door & Window. It is so nice to have peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about somebody wanting to break into your house. If they should try they won’t get very “far” I love it & would recommend Pro Tech Door & Window to everyone.

Mrs Gloria Bell

Dear Mr. Giles,

I just want to thank you for the quick response to my call on having a steel security door installed at my home. I do believe that the price was fair considering how expensive the materials are at this time. Since the break-in at my home in July I have been very concerned about my home and property. The gentleman who installed the door worked quickly and neatly and was very polite. I greatly appreciate his response the afternoon he installed the door.
I have had several friends and family members tell me how much they like the door and how much better the front of my house looks with it.

Rollyns Bush

I cannot fully express how proud we are of our new steel security door and screens. When we first built our home over 45 years ago, we felt secure. Our home is on 6 wooded acres in Warren County. However, since the rise in crime and home invasions, we no longer felt safe. There have been break-ins in most of our neighbors’ homes. Some of them multiple times.

Two years ago there was a home invasion of the home of an older couple that was very sad and frightening. The couple was beaten savagely, then each was shot in the head while the intruders ransacked their home and stole their possessions. We knew that to feel safe again we had to take measures to protect our lives and home.

We began to check the benefits of an alarm system, Since we live miles from the sheriff’s department, we felt that it would take to long for their response to the alarm. We began to see television advertisements and endorsements by pleased buyers for Pro Tech Door & Window. We set an appointment to see the security products.

We knew right away that you were what we were looking for. Shortly you came to our home and measured for the security screens and security door so they could be manufactured for us. The installation made us feel safe right away. We are very proud of our new front door and new window screens.

They really made the front of our home more attractive, besides the security factor. Our grown children are very pleased that we have installed Pro Tech products because they were concerned for our safety also. They say that they now have “peace of mind” about our well-being. Our friends and neighbors are also very complimentary of the way the door and the screens look on our home. I also want to add a special thanks to you, Greg, When we 1st met you, we felt that we had made the right decision to explore your product. you treated us with respect, concern and understanding and patience.

As am man of faith, we could feel that we were dealing with a truer Christian who would make everything right. You have made us feel that we are dealing with a very trustworthy and sincere businessman. What a wonderful experience!

The Faulks

Dear Mr. Giles,

I just wanted to write you this letter and tell you how much I have appreciated doing business with you. I had been thinking about installing security doors on my home, but I didn’t want them to look like they were security doors. When I contacted you and you came to my home, you showed me the doors that would actually enhance the looks of my home and make my home secure too.

I decided to have the doors installed, and I really like the way they look. Not only do my Pro Tech doors look good they have given me a very secure feeling. I don’t have to open my door to strangers. I know they will help in keeping my home safe and secure at night, and when I am away from my home.

You not only installed my Pro Tech security doors but have shown me that you are an honest and reliable business person.You have treated me very fairly and are still keeping in touch no matter how busy you are, to make sure that I don’t have any problems and to make certain that I am satisfied with the doors. Now, this is a good policy, especially for a widow lady such as me. Greg, I would recommend you and your company to everyone and encourage them to install Pro Tech security doors. Doing business with honest peoples such a rarity this day and time.

Mrs Bobbie J Stathom